Sunday, November 15, 2009

How should I spell this baby girls name?

How Should I spell the name...

Lexi (first name) and Rae (middle name)

The last name is Patterson. So can you choose a spelling from the list below? Thanks so much! Happy Holidays!

Lexi Rae Patterson

Lexie Ray Patterson

Lexi Ray Patterson

Lexie Rae Patterson

Help me please......!


How should I spell this baby girls name?
I like Lexi Rae Patterson

I don't like the 'e' on Lexi aswel as the 'e' on Rae and I prefer the way Rae is spelt with an 'e' :)
Reply:in my family rae is on the girls and ray is on the boys, it is a family middle name in my family like 10 people have it lol
Reply:I like Lexi Rae. Lexie with the second 'e' along with Rae with an 'e' is too much. And I definitely think I like Rae spelled with the 'e' rather than 'y' because Ray is more for a male.

Congratulations! :o)
Reply:I like Lexi Raie Patterson. However, Lexi seems like a nickname, is it part of a bigger name like Alexandra or Alexa?

Cute name :)
Reply:I like Lexi/Lexie spelled either way but I like Rae spelled with an E rather than with a Y
Reply:Lexie Rae Patterson
Reply:Lexie Rae Patterson
Reply:Either Lexi Rae or Lexie Rae, they're both cute. I think if I had to pick one, I would go with Lexie.
Reply:The first one:

Lexi Rae.

Just sounds unique and she's destined for something huge.
Reply:Lexie Rae! adorable =]
Reply:Lexie Rae Patterson. But I think you should go with a more complete name, like Alexandra, and call her Lexie. Congrats!
Reply:how about Alexis Renee Patterson
Reply:Lexie Rae Patterson.

Best Wishes!
Reply:First of all that is the cutest name ever lol I love it but I like Lexi Rae
Reply:Lexi Rae looks really nice

I also think Lexie Rae is fine too. Not a big fan of Ray.
Reply:Lexie Rae is adorable! (I think that "Ray" looks more like a boy's name)
Reply:Lexie Rae
Reply:Lexi Rae
Reply:Lexie Rae
Reply:Lexie Rae
Reply:Lexie Rae

I like the extra "e" on the end of Lexi. Cute name!
Reply:Beautifult name btw =]

I like the spellin Lexie Rae -

not really sure why... I think it kindas looks nicer if that makes sense lol.
Reply:Lexie Rae Patterson is great!

Pretty name btw!

Good luck
Reply:I like Lexie Raw Patterson the best
Reply:Lexi Rae

Ray is the boy spelling


The extra e on Lexi isnt needed
Reply:i like lexi rae patterson

good luck
Reply:Lexi Rae it sdands out more to me!
Reply:I like

Lexie Rae

very cute!
Reply:lexi rae
Reply:lexi rae
Reply:lexi rae

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